A function used in Logical Switches that acts as a toggle. Two fields labelled V1 and V2 follow the function statement to define the on switch and the off switch.  For example if ‘SH↓’ is selected from the drop down choice list in the V1 field, and ‘SA↓’ is set in the V2 field, the logical switch will become “TRUE” when turned on by SH down, and is turned off by SA down

A fourth field in the logical switch line permits a second source to become part of the comparison evaluation using the logical AND conjunction.  Continuing the prior example, if SG↓ is selected in the AND field, then the logical switch becomes TRUE only when the toggle is turned on and SG is down. – NOTE the toggle will continue to operate in in the background even when the AND switch is off.

A 5th and 6th field in the logical switch line allow a duration and a delay to be imposed on the switch condition.

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