Startup Warnings, Main Screens, and Model Selection (1/13)

Turn on your radio and enjoy the splash screen while Taranis wakes up.  “WHOA – I’m already getting hit with warnings!”  OK, not unexpected.  Here’s what’s going on and how to take care of it: Warnings

When you’ve dealt with the start up warnings, you’ll arrive at the first of four “Main Screens”.  Please take a quick orientation tour and move on: Main Screens

A SP MENU gets you from the Main Screens to the “Model Selection” screen (pg 1 of 13).  You’ll find that this screen also lets you pick a model to fly at the field, but we’re setting up a new one now.  We can use any empty slot, so we’ll set up the class model on slot #5.  Please go along with me on your radio for the practice. We can move the chosen position around any time we want.  You’ll notice that we can even copy or delete a model from here.  More on that later. Right now we’re creating:

    • Navigate with +/- to slot #5.
    • LP ENT —> (CREATE)—>SP ENT, clear any warnings, and you’re returned to the Model Selection screen with a default model ready to name on slot #5.
    • SP PAGE —> steps forward into Model Setup, pg 2 of 13

Congrats — Pg 1 of Model Setup is done.  Not too bad, eh? Yeah, you can do this!

BY THE WAY:  We’re going to provide class examples for your practice as we go along, and the configuration settings for the class example will be highlighted in green text.  You are invited to also set up your own model with your own selections as we go.  At the end, we’ll help you finish the set up with your own model.

Click to advance to Model Set Up Screen (2/13)


Startup Warnings, Main Screens, and Model Selection (1/13) — 5 Comments

  1. Also, after I select airplane, it continues with a wizard of some sort, it shows diagrams and asks questions and ends up with assignments for Throttle, (CH1), Ailerons 9 (CH2), Elevator (CH3), and Rudder (CH4). After that, a Long Press takes you back to the model selection screen, and you can then select model 5 and continue.

    • Hi JohnOCFII — Good questions. I think you checked the box for “Use model wizard when creating a new model” when configuring your copy of the firmware to download. That causes the model set up wizard to open first each time you go to set up a new model, and the wizard asks for the decisions that you have described in both of your comments. The model set up wizard is designed to avoid most of the decisions and screens that are covered in the basic airplane set up with Taranis class. My own personal opinion is that use of the Wizard is more helpful for people who understand how to do the job without it, because they will be better able to do the adjustments, changes, and tuning that are inevitably needed to get a model behaving the way you want. The wizard is beautifully written to help you speed through a set up, but the class is written to help you understand what’s going on. You can by-pass the wizard with the EXIT button when the set up wizard appears, and you’ll pick up right where the class begins. Hope this helps.

      • I confirmed that the box “Use Model Wizard when creating a new model” was indeed checked.

        I just downloaded a fresh copy of CompanionTX 2.0.12 to a different system and confirmed that (at least with 2.0.12) it is defaulted to that option.

        Thanks for the tip to bypass. I’ve now made it through the undergraduate course and am all set for my diploma!

  2. Following along with my Taranis Plus with 2.1.12 firmware. After the SP ENT, 4 icons are displayed (airplane, helicopter, flying wing(?), and quadcopter. I assume you recommend we select airplane for this lesson, correct?

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