Undergraduate Courses

Currently offered Under Graduate Classes

  • Introduction:  This course consists of five major sections and reviews the concept of  Open Source, offers a quick introduction to basic RC theory, discusses the differences between OpenTX and OpenTX Companion, and finally, if you’re not yet convinced, it lists ten top reasons for you to join the Brotherhood.
  • Fundamentals of OpenTX  (Win):  This class consists of eight sections, each covering an aspect of getting ready to fly with your Taranis and OpenTX, including the first steps you need to take when you get your new toy, how to check out and calibrate the new transmitter, installing and using the proper driver to let your transmitter talk to your computer, a quick introduction to OpenTX Companion and how to install it, then the big payoff, actually flashing OpenTX v2.x onto your Taranis.  The class closes with a discussion of what’s known as a “Boot Loader.”
  • Fundamentals of OpenTX (Mac): This class parallels the Fundamentals of OpenTX (Win) class, but is modified for MacUsers.
  • Beginning Radio Set Up:  In the earlier “Getting to Know Your Taranis” segment of the Fundamentals of OpenTX class, you calibrated the pots, sticks, and sliders on the Taranis as well as the battery voltage display against the actual battery voltage. Beginning Radio Set Up continues that progression through the 3rd page of the 8 pages of General Radio Settings on the Taranis. In this class all fields in the Radio Set Up menu are defined and their use described. The all-important language and stick mode defaults are selected, as well as other defaults are set for date/time, haptic (if you have it), all of the various sound volumes, screen brightness, etc.
  • Basic Airplane Set Up on Taranis:  This class goes in depth into the screens, fields, and terms necessary to set up a basic airplane using only the Taranis:  Model Set Up, Inputs, Mixers, and Servos, and ties it all together using the Command Chain.