The mixer section of the Taranis (or Companion) allows any of the many sources of input to be combined as desired and mapped to any output channel. The mixer defines the logic by which the aircraft will be controlled. Typically … Continue reading

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Model Image

Image (icon) displayed when selecting a model. Image size must be 64px wide x32px tall in 4-bit greyscale .bmp file stored in SDcard/BMP folder in Taranis.  Image name may be up to 10 characters with no spaces and have a .bmp … Continue reading

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Multi-rotor aircraft. A rapidly growing Special Interest Group. Examples include quadcopters (4 rotors), hexacopters (6 rotors), etc. Frequently used with Aerial Photography (AP) and first person view (FPV) equipment.

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A value used to align gimbal stick movements of the student’s transmitter (Slave) with that of the training instructor’s transmitter (Master).


Software used to control multirotor (MR) air craft. Originally developed for gaming.

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Multiplexing, a means of combining multiple inputs into one output.  As used in OpenTX, it describes the relationship of a line of instruction with the line above it, such as Add (+=), Multiply (*=), or Replace (:=).   The relationship … Continue reading