Radio Profile

OpenTX Companion allows different firmware profiles to be saved for future use. For example, including or excluding heli features, or Lua features, changing language selection, etc. (in Companion Tool Bar) Settings —> Radio Profile —> (profile name)

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A specialized “data container” for compressed files. Requires a specialized program to access the files, such as WinRAR

Rate Mode Gyro

An older style of gyroscope that limits the rate of change in direction.  Opposes sudden shifts in direction but allows slower changes such as “weather vanning” , or  pointing the helicopter into the wind.  Momentary use of rate mode can realign a helicopter with … Continue reading


An electronic device that detects the signal from your transmitter and changes it into something that your servos can understand.

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Resets the selected item. Examples: Timer 1, Timer2, Telemetry, All(Both Timers & Telemetry), Extended Trims, others.

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Radio Frequency transmission circuit used to send signals over the air between transmitter and receiver


Abbreviation for the “Right Slider” — the pot (potentiometer) on the right edge of the Tx.

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Receiver Signal Strength Indicator. A value transmitted by the receiver in your model to a receiver in your Transmitter that indicates how strong the signal is that’s being received by the model. When it drops below a minimum value, indicating … Continue reading