Fund. of OpenTX (Mac)

Fund. of OpenTX (Mac)

This is the unit dedicated to all those MacAddicts out there. After this section, the way you work is not determined by which computer operating system you’re using.  Until you have OpenTX Companion talking to your transmitter and OpenTX installed on the Taranis, however, OS differences are important.  This unit parallels the Fund. of OpenTX (Win) one.  It shares some common pages, but has Mac specific pages for the software downloads and flashing operations.

The following classes are available:

First Steps:  This is the beginning.  This lesson lays out the general structure of the following units.

Checking Out Taranis: This unit takes you through charging the battery, calibrating the on-board voltage reading, and calibrating the sticks, pots, and sliders in the TX.  All of these are essential if your transmitter is going to provide you with accurate information.

Intro. to DFU:  Discusses the character and purpose of the DFU-Util driver, why you need it, and some of the pitfalls you may encounter.

Installing DFU: This unit talks you through installing DFU-Util so your computer can talk to your TX and shows you how to check and see that it’s operating correctly.

OpenTX Companion (Mac): This lesson and the next introduce that marvelous little piece of software called OpenTX Companion and attempts to lay out the general scope and content of the following two lessons.

Installing OpenTX Comp. (Mac):  Just what the title says!  You’ll download and install OpenTX Companion on your computer.

Flashing OpenTX:  This is the payoff lesson.  In this one, you’ll actually flash the developer edition of OpenTX firmware onto your transmitter.  You’ll also address backing up your existing firmware and your eepe/EEPROM file.

Boot Loaders: This unit discusses the whys and wherefores of boot loaders and why they’re necessary.