Basic Plane Set Up w/Taranis

Our Class works through the Model Setting menu with the Taranis to configure a basic 5-channel airplane.  The emphasis is on learning to use the logic of OpenTX to achieve a predictable outcome that is easy to troubleshoot.  Taranis screens that are not essential are briefly described while the essential screens are explored in depth.  The following outline describes the order of our class development:

Basic Airplane Introductiondescribes the purpose and process of the class, button navigation, and includes a link to assumptions used in the class with help for pre-work

Important Info on Servo Travel describes concept of weights, the effect of trim and subtrim on endpoints, and the role of default and extended servo limits in determining final servo travel

Start Up Warnings, Main Screens, and Model Selection (1/13)works through the power-ON throttle and switch warnings, the four main screens, and defines all the fields in the Model Selection screen (1/13)

Model Set Up (2/13)describes use of all 12 fields in this screen

Heli, Flight Modes, and Inputs (5/13) briefly comments on Heli and Flight Modes screens, explores all fields in Inputs

Mixer (6/13) explores all fields in Mixer.

Servos (7/13) completes the configuration of the basic airplane set up. Constructs the equation that determines control surface deflections.

What Goes Where summarizes a process for deciding how to exploit the command chain in a basic airplane set up

Skipping Forward to Telemetry (13/13) — adds RSSI and Rx voltage to your toolbox

Wrap Up stepwise instructions for final physical set up of the basic airplane, and a little something extra.



Basic Plane Set Up w/Taranis — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t find the sections after 7/13.
    Other sections…. 8/13, etc….
    I see … What goes where, then Skipping forward to telemetry. Am I missing something?
    So far so good still looking to learn more.
    Cheers and thanks for your responce!

    • Hi b_fergie — I need a little more to go on. You say you can’t see several of the pages, yet the links above still go to the right place when I click on them. You can also get to the those pages from the site Home screen by clicking on the drop downs starting with the Undergraduate Courses tab and working your way down the path of pages for this class.

      If you’re still unable to get to those later pages, please describe exactly what you click on and what result you get. Thx … R

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