Radio Setup

The courses in this series: walk the student through the process of setting all the global parameters on the Taranis from setting the Date and Time to setting the Default Channel Order, explore all the screens in the RADIO SETUP group and how to use them, and show how to get more from the SD card in the Taranis.

Beginning Radio Setup: In this class all fields in the Radio Set Up menu are defined and their use described. The all-important language and stick mode defaults are selected, as well as other defaults are set for date/time, haptic (if you have it), all of the various sound volumes, screen brightness, etc.

General Radio Settings: This class is where you find answers to questions like “Where do I find what version of firmware is running on my Taranis?” or “What model pictures and sounds are on my Taranis?”. The class explores all the screens in the RADIO SETUP group that are not covered in Beginning Radio Setup (SD Card, Trainer, Version, Switch Test, Analog Inputs, Hardware, and Calibration). It also examines the many folders inside the SD card and explains how to use them.

SD Card Addendum: This class goes into more detail about the SD card. It examines the differences in the SD card as it comes on the Taranis and the Taranis Plus, explains how to configure the SD card for LUA scripting, and demonstrates a feature that makes it easy to assign a standard set of sounds to switches. It also explains how to recover from a corrupted SD card.


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