Basic Airplane Class: 0.2 Warnings

If your throttle isn’t at idle, you’ll get a default throttle warning from Taranis.  If any of your 8 switches are not at their expected positions, you’ll get a switch warning.  Let’s deal with this now and prove that everything’s working right while we’re at it.  Look at the warning notifications in the opening screen — see if you can figure out what’s not in the expected condition and correct it.  If you return the throttle and switches to their expected conditions, the warning screens disappear – check it out.

If you just want to move on and deal with this stuff later, press any of the six navigation keys on the face of the Tx to acknowledge the warnings, and Taranis politely moves on to the Main Screens. No whining allowed if you did the ‘move on’ and see those warnings again later.  We’ll also adjust those warning settings in the set up process a little later.  When you’ve dealt with the Switch and Throttle Warnings, you’ll arrive at the Main Screens on Taranis.

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