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Welcome to OpenTXU

Welcome to OpenTX University. This site is part of an (overly?) ambitious project to provide an online learning environment to help you explore the brave new world of what we call the Developer’s Version of OpenTX.  We call it the Developer’s Version because it’s slightly different from the OEM version shipped by FrSky on the Taranis and Taranis Plus transmitters.  They’re similar, but not exactly the same. Don’t worry if you’re a newcomer (affectionately known as a NOOB). Don’t worry if you don’t even know what open source, OpenTX, or OpenTX Companion are. We’ll take care of that shortly.

scott_quotewThe site is organized along the lines of a university with Undergraduate and Graduate programs as well as a Division of Continuing Education to handle both software and hardware upgrades. We even have a “Special Interests” section for any groups with common interests who need a place to hang out.

Each section contains “classes” that have been designed and contributed by users just like you. However, it’s different from other “schools” in that you don’t have to register, there are no fees, no grades, and no class attendance requirements. Ya’ can’t beat that with a stick!

What do you need to get around here? Well, you should probably at least know where the switch is on your computer, and it’s really handy to be familiar with your computer’s file system structure and basic operations such as downloading, installing, copying files, etc. If you know how to do that, you’ll be fine.

You’ll be shown how to do 90% of what many of us need to do by using only the transmitter. However, many (May I say ‘most?) users have discovered an absolutely marvelous little piece of free software called OpenTX Companion. OpenTX Companion allows you to manage almost all of your radio functions from your computer. That’s when things really get interesting! It’s the other half of this game changing experience, and has its own series of classes.

OK, enough chit-chat. Let’s get started. Click one of the buttons in the menu at the top of the page and start browsing through what’s offered. The whole idea is for you to take away from here what you can use and ignore the rest!


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  1. I have a taranis plus and the new air speed senor which works find but I would like to know how to set the tran. up to vibrate at a select air speed just using the transmitter to program.
    thanks mike

  2. any ideas? have been using a taranis X9D for 18 months. having got the sounds finally loaded and working on a F3J program from mike shellim, after about 3 weeks use the sounds first cut off halfway thro’and now gone completely. just a static click and that background buzz. i have 2 sd cards loaded, both have worked, now neither do. have cleaned the sd slot contacts with 600 wet n dry- worked for a day now back to no sounds. i’m on V1.1.02 and all my gear is on pre 2015 EU firmware. worried that going to opentx 2 may mean having to update all firmware- 22 receivers! am i right or wrong on this last point?

    • First of all, if you have not done so, format your SD cards before making another copy. The version of the sound package that you need depends upon the version of firmware that you’re running. If it’s v2.1, it takes it’s own set of sound files.

      Secondly, even when using OPENTx Companion, be sure to disconnect the external drives that show up when you plug in the TX through your operating system. DO NOT simply pull the USB plug.

      Hope this helps!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

  3. Can anyone help? I would like to connect the SBus on my X8R-II to the SBus port on a A3 gyro. I have owned and used a Taranis since 2013 so I am quite familiar with the gear but this one escapes me, and I can not find any info on this combo on the net but then who can?

    • I use SBus on my sailplanes without problems. My first inclination, and I’m sure that you’ve already done this, would be to check out the gyro, in particular, the protocol it uses. I just don’t know how to get a flight controller that speaks CPPM to talk to SBus.


      Leonard (mac44mag)

  4. Trying to recover after screwing up an update to Taranis X9D and followed your process without incident all the way down to flashing and loading opentx-taranis-noheli-lua-en-2.1.7.bin . . everything went well until the “now turn on your controller NOT in Boot mode” . . . NOTHING! not so much as a beep or screen flicker. Now what?
    Used zadig to get a good bootloader to load and OpenTXcompanion 2.1.7 to “write firmware to radio” . . which it said it did successfully.
    Still nothing . . now lost . . any help?

    • Also checked the battery as 7v . . the charge LED works when plugged in tpo charger. I’ve removed the memory card and battery and reinstalled after few min as suggested elsewhere . . nothing . . just a blank/no power screen

  5. I am a NOOB. I do not even know where to post the following:
    I have read some lessons and have installed Dfu-util for Mac. I have downloaded and installed
    opentxplus-companion. With opentxplus-companion open, I get a prompt to update to
    (firmwareopentx-tananisplus-en). When I check the yes box to do this, I get a box to
    save as (opentx-taranisplus-en.bin). when I select the save button in this window, I then see another window prompt (unable to save FILE/VOLUMES/companion/opentx-taranisplus-en.bin. What could be the problem and what am I doing incorrectly?

    • Personally, I don’t do Mac, so I’m afraid that I’m not going to be much help. I’m certainly not familiar with Mac file naming conventions, but from what little I do know, the chosen file name does not appear to have any illegal characters, etc.


      Leonard (mac44mag)

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