Special Interests

Beyond the classic fixed and rotary wing flyers, our RC flying hobby has many Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, such as aerial photography (AP), first person view flight (FPV), multi-rotors (MR’s), micro and indoor flyers, night flyers, a wide variety of glider subjects, and the list goes on.  Many times the special interests follow technology advances, especially in computers, miniaturization, or photography.  Sometimes it’s the appeal of nostalgia that attracts an RC flyer to an area of special interest.  Other times it’s the thrill of racing, the grace of soaring, or the challenge of 3D moves, etc.

This web site has its roots in open source radio programming, once a small special interest community of RC flyers, but now one of the fastest growing subjects in radio control.  We’re not sure what this Special Interests area of the OpenTX University will look like as it matures, because it will reflect the special interests of our OpenTx users (that’s you by the way).  So if you have a special interest application of OpenTX that you love and would like to share with other users, this is your place.  Jump in it, and enjoy the flight!  Submit an article focused on helping other OpenTX users.  Start with the feedback form to contact the System Administrators.

Drop down the choices under Special Interests and check out the current offerings.  Come back fairly often – we expect this area will grow steadily.


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