Basic Airplane Class: 1.0 Main Screens

NOTE:  This is just an orientation tour of the Main Screens, so don’t worry about trying to memorize what you see.  Just get familiar with what’s here for now.

  • SP Page cycles you around the four Main Screens.  Take a swing around the loop, check out the screens, and take special notice of Channel Monitor as you go by.  This is a really useful display of what your radio is doing, and we’ll go back to it from time to time in this class and others.  LP Menu is a handy toggle to get to this Channel Monitor from any of the Model Set Up Menu screens and back to the screen from whence you came 🙂  From anywhere in your Taranis, you can press ‘Exit’ often enough and you’ll also end up back in these Main Screens at the last one you were viewing.

NOTE:  You will most likely choose one of the main screens for your flight screen.  Some of the features that we will turn on later in Model Set Up, like Timers, display on only one of the Main Screens.  Timers are replaced to make room to display the sticks on another screen , and the remaining main screen replaces sticks with a display of logical switch conditions.   The voltage at the Rx shows at the top of three of the Main Screens. Cycle on past Channel Monitor, and …

  • LP ENT brings up three choices:  Reset, Statistics, and About.
    • “Reset” allows you to reset flight timers and telemetry
    • “Statistics” accumulates usage information for when you want it, and
    • “About” identifies the main developers who brought you OpenTX.  No — you may not blame them the next time you crash 😉

Exit back to the Main Screens, and …

  • SP Menu takes you to the first of up to 13 possible Model Selection and Set Up screens that will be the objects of discussion in our class.  When you selected your choices for the OpenTX build/download, you may have opted out of Heli and/or Global Variables if you expected to not need them.  If so, you’ll be looking at 11,or 12 possible screens instead of 13.  Not a problem — we won’t be using those screens for a basic airplane model set up anyway.

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