Basic Airplane Class: 2.06 Throttle

Our class assumes a basic model with electric power, so we don’t need “Trim Idle Only”.  However if your model uses wet fuel, you may find that setting useful.  Here are the options and how they work:

  • Reverse (checkbox):  Ensures correct operation of throttle-based timers and functions for full throttle with the stick down.  Note:  This DOES NOT reverse the rotation of the electric motor.
  • Source:  37 options define what triggers the THx functions of the timers.   Typically used to control the throttle timer by the throttle channel instead of the throttle stick (the distinction is defined later in ‘Inputs’), so that throttle cut or other modifiers are taken into account.   Choices include:
    • Thr — throttle channel
    • S1, or S2 — pots (potentiometers)
    • CH1 to CH32 — output channels
  • Trim Idle Only (checkbox):  Allows idle for internal combustion engines to be adjusted without affecting the full throttle end point.

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