Basic Airplane Class: 2.03 Extended Limits

Physical travel limits of servos are specified at the Servos screen.  Without Extended Limits checked in the Model Set Up screen, the maximum servo travel is limited to “100%” in the Servos screen, corresponding to a PWM signal to the servos of 1500 +/- 512 uS (microseconds).  If the Extended Limits box is checked in the Model Set Up screen, travel limits in the Servos screen can be increased to 150%, allowing PWM signals of 1500 +/- 768 uS to the servos.

Note 1:  Maximum weights available in the Inputs screen and Mixer Screen are unaffected by Extended Limits.

  • The Inputs screen will accept weights up to 100% regardless of Extended Limits.
  • The Mixer screen will accept weights up to 500% regardless of Extended Limits, but the output from Mixer (product of Input times Mixer) is limited to 100% .
  • A signal to a servo is the product of weight from Inputs times weight from the Mixer for a given channel.  The maximum output signal of 150% to the servos is available through Extended Limits.

Note 2:  Control surface movement has diminishing returns as servo rotation becomes extended.  Until we know that the standard 100% servo travel limit won’t be enough, we’ll stay with no Extended Limits in the Model Set Up screen.  (We use the default for the class – no check)

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