Backlight Mode

Specifies LCD display backlighting wakeup activity. Choice of: OFF, Keys (detect button press), Controls (gimbal stick/slider/knob/switch), Both (Keys or Controls), or ON (always on)

FAI Choice

A radio set up option to allow practicing with telemetry enabled then engage FAI Mode at the field for competition. see also Build Option

GPS coordinate format

Specifies format for display of GPS coordinates. Most GPS coordinates exchanged between computers are in NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) format expressed as numbers with decimal fractions. The alternate HMS format expresses location in hours, minutes, and seconds.

SD Card

Secure Digital Card — a solid state, micro format, non-volatile, flash memory card. Typically a 2GB capacity micro SD card is included with Taranis.

Sound Mode

Specifies which sounds are activated. Choice of: All, NoKey (all except button press beeps), Alarm (alarm only), and Quiet (no sound).