Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing — Aileron, Elevator, and Collective are combined to give helicopter swash plate servo commands.  Required for control of most modern RC helicopters that use a flybar.  See also CPPM.


Type: sixteen multi-point plot curve type options available. Select from: 3pt, 5pt, 9pt, 17pt(fixed X, user defined Y points) or 3pt’, 5pt’, 9pt’, 17pt’ (user defined both X and Y points). Usage: Mixes – option to apply conditional logic or … Continue reading


CYC1, CYC2, CYC3 describe the OpenTX outputs for CCPM mixing for direct control of servos on the swash plate of a helicopter.  Inputs are Aileron, Elevator, and Collective.


Multiplexing, a means of combining multiple inputs into one output.  As used in OpenTX, it describes the relationship of a line of instruction with the line above it, such as Add (+=), Multiply (*=), or Replace (:=).   The relationship … Continue reading


A value that is added to the incoming value of a source.  Frequently used similar to a sub-trim to square up servo control arms, to zero control surface deflections, or to calibrate telemetry or voltage values.


Specifies a transition speed, using a time parameter in seconds the mix line output takes to cover range -100 to +100. Not a duration setting, so transitioning of values is at speed set, regardless of how far traveled.


Option to apply stick Trim values in line mix. Always OFF when Source is not assigned to a stick.  Size of a click of trim is described in Trim Step.   … Continue reading


The multiplier in % applied to a incoming Source to determine the output value of that line.  The maximum weight applied in Inputs is 100%.  The maximum weight applied to a Mixer input is 500% to determine the output weight to the … Continue reading