A timer trigger that counts up or down continuously so long as the radio is turned on and that model is selected.  Sometimes used with Persistent as a totalizer for time.

Extended Limits

Allows the transmitter to send signals that would move the servos to 150% of their “normal” travel movement. Different radio vendors offer different amounts of extended servo travel under names such as travel volume or end point. Different servos have … Continue reading

Extended Trims

Increases gimbal stick trims to 100% of range instead of default of 25%.  Be careful with this option because a long press of the trim button could achieve full control surface deflection and render the plane unable to be controlled.


A selectable timer mode that makes the timer a totalizing timer.  If Persistent is checked in Timer Set Up, the last timer value before shutdown, or before changing the selected model is stored in memory.  That value is restored when the … Continue reading

PPM Frame

When RF module is PPM, allows setting the frame size, pulse lengths, and polarity to match the settings of the transmitting and receiving devices.


Radio Frequency transmission circuit used to send signals over the air between transmitter and receiver


There are 2 fully programmable timers (Timer1 and Timer2), that can count either up or down. If the value is set to 00:00 they will count up from 0.  If set to a time, they count down from the preset value. The … Continue reading