A “handshake” procedure to connect communications between a Tx and a given Rx.  The Tx may bind with multiple Rx’s, but a given Rx may only bind with one Tx.

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A small program that basically “wakes up” the STM chip in your radio. An initial bootloader was installed in the Taranis as shipped.  After flashing the STM chip with OpenTX v2.x, a second bootloader exists on the chip. This bootloader … Continue reading

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Bootloader Mode

This special set of operating screens allows us to work directly off of the SD card to perform a number of tasks. We can flash a new version of firmware, look at and manipulate the contents of the folders on … Continue reading

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Build Option

When in Edit Settings in OpenTx Companion, you have a choice of the following options for building the system firmware that operates the Taranis: Noheli – removes the heli screens for simplicity if not needed Sq5font – a heavier weight … Continue reading

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Describes the act of updating firmware in a device, usually by transfer of information from a computer connected to eh device. A synonym for flash

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A communication system that transfers data between components inside a computer or between computers.

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Establishes the center and endpoints of all physical controls on the transmitter so the firmware can accurately reference the physical controls.

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Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing — Aileron, Elevator, and Collective are combined to give helicopter swash plate servo commands.  Required for control of most modern RC helicopters that use a flybar.  See also CPPM.


Voltage of the cell having the lowest voltage in the battery pack reported continuously by telemetry on FrSky Lipo Sensor w/Smart Port, FLVSS. Useful to spot weak cells in a pack and avoid discharging any one cell below its allowable … Continue reading


The pack voltage, or sum of all cells reported continuously by telemetry on FrSky Lipo Sensor w/Smart Port, FLVSS. Useful to set up an allowable pack discharge voltage without harming the battery chemistry.

Center Beep

Makes a beep sound when selected control(s) crosses center position from either direction

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Center of Gravity, an important set up requirement for an airplane to fly well. Establishes the balance point of the airplane front to back. The CG is usually measured from the leading edge of the wing and generally specified by … Continue reading

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Channel Order

A field in the OpenTX set up screen to select the order in which the 4 main controls (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle) of the aircraft will be shown. All combinations of A,E,T,R are available from a choice box. Unlike the … Continue reading

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The concept by which signals are routed to specific servos. The channel order is the order that channel information is placed in the transmitted frame. With OpenTX, you can place your channels in any order you wish!

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