Basic Airplane Class: 0.1 Assumptions


  • The class notes were developed based on OpenTX version 2.0.8 using the Taranis radio, and have been verified with OpenTX version 2.0.15.  If you’re running any version 2.0.x, you’ll not have any difficulty until we get to Telemetry for viewing the receiver voltage.  The naming and viewing operations can look a little different from early versions of OpenTX 2.0.  To see the version that you have installed, LP Menu from the home screen and SP Page forward to pg 4 of the 8 screens in Radio Setup.  If you’re running an older version, such as r2940 and want to update, you’ll find everything you need to know here:  update   If you want to stay with an older version, the differences are summarized here:  differences .  We encourage you to update to the most current stable version, which is 2.0.15 as of this writing.
  • You’re familiar with the basic navigation buttons on the radio.  We’ll guide you along the way, but a graphic reminder may be printed out here:  OpenTX Navigation
  • You’ve been through the basic radio set up stuff (calibrations, time, location, display settings, etc).  If not, check out this class first: Beginning Radio Set Up.  Our class is built around A.E.T.R. preferred channel order (which doesn’t really matter) and a Mode 2 radio.
  • You have a FrSky Rx to use with your Taranis for the set up.  Our class example is the FrSky X8R receiver, and we will only be discussing set up with FrSky radio protocols.  We’ll cover linking the X8R receiver and transmitter during the class.
  • The class assumes an electric powered model, but options affecting wet fuel power systems are explained.
  • You have a model that you want to fly with the Taranis on OpenTX.  If not, you’re only auditing the class, and you’ll be excused from the final exam — flying your model on the Taranis.  No worries, spectators are welcome.

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