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Welcome to the University Library!

Where do you go when you want to find something?  The Library of course!  Every self-respecting University deserves a good Library, and this is ours.

The OpenTx subject has a large community of users who actively contribute to the base of knowledge, and the subject itself is constantly evolving.  This means that there is an ever-expanding lot of “stuff” out there if we can just find a way to access it when we need it.  This may become one of the most challenging goals to achieve for the University, i.e., to capture important OpenTX information and make it accessible.

The initial content of our Glossary is a good start on understanding the language of OpenTx and its users.  Newcomers to OpenTX struggle to become conversationally literate in the terms, and the Glossary search field should be a first stop for help.  Terms used in University classes that are defined in the Glossary are highlighted/linked to the definitions, and pop up balloons provide in-text help.

If you haven’t discovered the Site Search field yet, you’ll see it on the upper right of your screen. Think of it as your electronic card catalog into all the content in the University.

We also plan links to important resources that are in the public domain but are outside the University, such as the many excellent “How to…” videos, .eepe files, templates, sound files, image files, etc.  This is your Library.  If you have something that needs to appear here, please use the feedback/comment form to let us know.  We’ll try to make it available here as quickly as possible for everyone.


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