Setting Up Telemetry and Alerts on Taranis X8R

“Setting Up Telemetry and Alerts on Taranis X8R” (June 2014) by thedoble

Tags: Telemetry, Alerts, Custom Switch, Variometer, Voltage sensor

In this 12:23 minute video thedoble demonstrates how to check that your telemetry is working and how to set up alerts such as battery voltage, transmitter signal strength (RSSI) and altitude.


Varios (variometers) for RC gliders explained

“Varios (variometers) for RC gliders explained” (Sept 2013) by Bruce Smipson of RC Model Reviews

Tags: Vario, variometer, altitude, glider

In this video Bruce demonstrates the FnSky variometer and how it is setup with the X8R receiver. This video does not explain setting up telemetry in the transmitter but does show how the transmitter reports the results and the vario sounds.