2.2.05 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Dual Rates (D/R) and Expo (Exponential) setup by Painless360 May 2015 (#5 of 13)

In this video he covers the following topics – duplicating an input, editing an input to change the rates, adding exponential, selecting the dual rates using a switch and how to do all this through either the OpenTX Companion PC … Continue reading


1.1.07 Welcome to Taranis, Part 7: Elevon Mixing

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 7: Elevon Mixing” (March 2014) by Mark Harrison

Tags: Elevon, model

This 5:30 minute video is the 7th in Mark’s series to get you up to speed on the Taranis as quickly as possible. In the video Mark demonstrates setting elevons on a model using the TX. Using the TX instead of Companion 9X proves beneficial as you are able to confirm your programming immediately with the model.

Video Content:
Elevon Information Theory

  • Elevon / V-tail Mixing
  • Elevon / V-tail Mixing Calculations

Motion Rules

  • Elevator back: elevens up
  • Elevator forward: elevens down
  • Aileron left: left elevon up, right elevon down
  • Aileron right: right elevon up, left elevon down


  • Mix the elevator stick on both channels. The value will be either 50% or -50%, depending on how your servos are set up. If the control surfaces move in the wrong direction, swap the sign.
  • Mix the aileron stock on both channels. The multiplex parameter will be “add”, and the values will also be 50% or -50%.

Proper motion: when the stick moves left, the left control surface should raise and the right surface should lower. Vice versa for moving the stick right.
Ch 2 Ele 50%
+= Ail -50%
Ch 3 Ele -50%
+= Ail -50%


1.1.06 Welcome to Taranis, Part 6: Setting Up a Four Channel Plane

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 6: Setting Up a Four Channel Plane” (March 2014) Mark Harrison

Tags: Model, Four channel

This 5:14 minute video is the 6th in Mark’s series to get you up to speed with the Taranis as soon as possible.  Mark demonstrates setting up a four channel plane using the transmitter.

Video Content:

Safety Note

  • Be sure and remove or disable your prop when mixing.

Example Setup

Channel 1: Aileron

  • Channel 2: Elevator
  • Channel 3: Throttle
  • Channel 4: Rudder
  • Channel 5: Gear

Set up each channel 1-5

  •  As per the mix instructions in Part 5, mix each stick to channels 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Reverse channels as necessary using Servo menu
  • Likewise, mix one of the switches to channel 5 for the landing gear