1.03 “OpenTX 2.0 & Beyond – Episode 3 – Examining the Throttle Mix (and Curves)” (October 2014) R.Scott Page

Tags: Mix, Curve, Throttle, Elevator, Exponential, Expo, Offset

In this 11:43 minute video Scott discusses the throttle mix to offset aircraft climbing with

increased speed. This is also the same approach to adding rudder movement

coordinated with ailerons or down elevator with flap extension. Curves are also

reviewed as an alternative to Offset in setting up the mix and for use in setting Expo.


1.1.04 Welcome to Taranis, Part 4: Mixing the Heart of Taranis

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 4: Mixing the Heart of Taranis” (March 2014) by Mark Harrison

Tags:  Mixes

This 5:49 minute video is the 4th in Mark’s series to get you up to speed with the Taranis as soon as possible.  Mark demonstrates how to prepare mixes using the transmitter rather than Companion 9X.  Using the TX or Companion 9X is completely your choice, however we recommend you become familiar with both methods.  Companion 9X in some setups is easier/quicker to use but unless you have it loaded on a laptop or Windows tablet and bring it to your flying field you will need to use the TX to make on the scene changes to your settings.  Using the TX you have the ability to immediately test your programming and even use the sticks/switches to assist with the programming.

  • Video Contents:
  • Mixer menu is model screen 6
    • Simplest case
    • Map a source to an output
    • E.g. map the rudder stick to channel 4
  • Weight
    • “Scales” the input
    • Negative weight acts as reverse
    • Often better to use “reverse” function on stick menu
  • Switch mixing
    • Specify a switch as an input
    • Top, middle, down maps to 100%, 0%, -100%


Open TX For Beginners – Sticks & Mixer

“Open TX For Beginners – Sticks & Mixer” (Nov 21, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Mixes Sticks Channels

Index of video topics:

Sticks – using C9X model setup page
00:35 – 01:10 Order of sticks
01:10 – 02:35 Setting rates & exponential

Mixes – using C9X model setup page
02:35 – 03:05 Order of mixes
03:05 – 03:25 Mixing channels together
03:25 – 04:15 Example – Aileron & Rudder Mix
04:15 – 05:30 Example – Throttle & Elevator Mix


Taranis 5 Ch with Rudder and Aileron Mix

“Taranis 5 Ch with Rudder and Aileron Mix” (May 15, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Mix, Program TX, Create model
Creating a model with five channels and mixes using the Taranis transmitter instead to Companion 9X.

Index of video topics:
00:01 – 00:31 Goal set up 5 ch with mixes using the Taranis (not C9X)
00:31 – 00:57 Create a model
00:58 – 02:13 On mixer page; add second aileron
02:14 – 04:48 All mixing on channel 4 – aileron on 5 set to follow 4 activity
04:49 – 05-17 Simulate on channel monitor page
05:18 – 06:55 Prepare mix to coordinate rudder and aileron
06:55 – 07:45 Designate a switch to allow multiple settings options
07:46 – 09:16 Copy rudder, change coordinate weight and assign new switch
09:17 – 09:45 Review of mixer settings


Programming Taranis with C9X for Simple Mix, Rates, and Expo

“Programming Taranis with C9X for Simple Mix, Rates, and Expo” (Oct 4, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Model Wizard, Mix, Expo, Exponential

Index of video topics:
00:00 – 00:35 Outline for video
00:35 – 01:22 Finding C9X online; installation
01:22 – 02:20 Download EEPROM from TX to C9X on computer
02:20 – 03:52 Create new model & select RX
03:53 – 05:20 Set up model using Model Wizard
05:21 – 05:42 Mixes
05:43 – 07:57 Set rates/expo (Sticks tab formerly EXPO/DR)
07:58 – 08:30 Test settings using simulator
08:31 – 10:00 Setting throttle-elevator mix example