2.2.02 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Introduction to TARANIS model setup basics by Painless360 May 2015 (#2 of 13)

In this video we Painless360 demonstrates the basics of setting up a simple model and key differences between the way that OpenTX is programmed and works when compared with a more traditional radio system. – Introduction (0:02) – How a … Continue reading


2.1.01 OpenTX 2.0 and Beyond Episode 1

Tags: OpenTX 2.0, Companion, Settings, Menu, Connecting
In this 8:53 minute video Scott provides an overview of OpenTX and OpenTX Companion. Topics include a comparison between the versions of the firmware and companion software. He addresses how to determine which version you have in the TX and PC, the new settings menu, and connecting to the TX with the new software.



FrSKY Taranis General Settings in the TX in More Detail

“FrSKY Taranis General Settings in the TX in More Detail” (May 8, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Program TX, EPROM, Menu, Editing, SD card, Trainer mode, Switch test

Index of video topics:
00:11 – 00:35 Using the TX to program (rather than C9X)
00:35 – 01:35 Models and general settings stored in EPROM
01:35 – 02:21 Review of the Menu key and 13 screens
02:22 – 02:40 Review of Page key and the four information screens
02:41 – 03:09 How to get to the model editing and seven radio set up screens
03:10 – 08:38 Radio Setup (date/time, voltage range, sounds, alarm, backlight, splash screen, units, channel order, mode)
08:39 – 09:10 SD card contents
09:10 – 09:20 Trainer mode setup
09:20 – 09:31 Version info page
09:31 – 09:41 Switch test page
09:41 – 10:02 Analog input page (TX battery calibration)
10:03 – 10:52 Calibration of sticks, pots, sliders page
10:53 – 11:52 Moving between pages
11:53 – 12:50 Into to Model setup seven screens

[weaver_youtube http://youtu.be/RHQCsIR21Ig]