Beginning Radio Setup

Your Instructor: Roger McClurg (maguro on RC Groups) Introduction By now you should have charged your transmitter battery, calibrated the battery voltage reading on the Taranis, and performed stick calibration. You should also have read the Taranis Quick Start Guide … Continue reading

Installing OpenTX Comp. (Mac)

Installing OpenTX Comp. Note: Once in a very great while, something goes wrong during the flashing operation. The result is that when you turn on your Taranis, nothing happens. Nyet…nada…nothing. However, don’t cue Chopin’s Funeral March just yet. Normally the … Continue reading

OpenTX Companion (Mac)

Working With OpenTX Companion (Mac) Introduction OK, you’ve made sure that you have a valid STM 32 BOOTLOADER installed. Now it’s time to download your very own copy of OpenTX2.x and OpenTX Companion2.x and update your firmware. Like many things … Continue reading

Intro to DFU

Intro to Using DFU-Util (Mac Only) Contributed by: maguro   Click HERE for a .PDF copy of DFU-Util Checklist Introduction If you’ve hung out in any of the forums at all, you’ve probably heard, and perhaps been alarmed by, the apparent … Continue reading

Installing DFU

Installing Dfu-Util (Mac Only) Contributed by: maguro  NOTE1: At this time, a working STM 32 Bootloader driver (Dfu-Util) is the only way for a Mac to update OpenTX to v2.x and above. Once you update your Taranis to OpenTX 2.x … Continue reading