Boot Loaders

Introduction OpenTX v2.x has one very significant improvement over previous versions. It’s now possible to flash new firmware to your Taranis from the transmitter itself after you’ve gotten v2.x on it for the first time. That gives you two ways … Continue reading

Flashing OpenTX

Flashing OpenTX Companion Steps/Checklist Note:  This lesson is written for those who DO NOT already have v2.0+ on either their computer or their radio.  If you’ve already flashed v2.0, then you have two methods of updating available to you, both … Continue reading

Installing OpenTX Comp.

Note: Once in a very great while, something goes wrong during the flashing operation. The result is that when you turn on your Taranis, nothing happens. Nyet…nada…nothing. However, don’t cue Chopin’s Funeral March just yet. Normally the situation can be … Continue reading

Using Zadig

Using Zadig, or, Avoiding Zadig Hell NOTE 1: At this time, a working STM 32 Bootloader driver is the only way Windows computers will update OpenTX to v2.x and above the first time from either an earlier version of OpenTX … Continue reading

Intro. to Zadig

Introduction to Zadig NOTE: Some OpenTX users have reported difficulty using USB3 ports to communicate with OpenTX Companion. It seems to depend upon what chipset your machine uses. Several methods were tried to alleviate this problem, and finally Zadig was … Continue reading

First Steps

Introduction Like many projects, getting set up to work with OpenTX takes a bit of preparation. You’ll be walked through that process step-by-step using techniques and procedures developed by users who had to start out just like you…unsure and in … Continue reading

OpenTX Companion

Working With OpenTX Companion Introduction OK, you’ve made sure that you have a valid STM 32 BOOTLOADER installed. Now it’s time to download your very own copy of OpenTX2.x and OpenTX Companion2.x and update your firmware. Like many things in … Continue reading

Checking Out Taranis

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR TARANIS Unfortunately, you may have already pulled your lovely new toy from the box and at least turned it on, only to experience your first brush with Taranis heartattackus when nothing happened. If you haven’t figured … Continue reading

Why Upgrade?

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Experience the rush of thinking and acting just a bit outside the box. Upgrading allows me to practice Open Source Diplomacy (“Walk softly and carry a big TARANIS.”) Not tied to a manufacturer’s timetables and … Continue reading

OpenTX vs. OpenTX Companion

What the…??? Perhaps you aren’t as slow as I am, but when I first started experimenting with OpenTX, I was a bit confused. Folks were talking about using something called “Companion 9X” (apparently also known as “Open Companion 9X” and … Continue reading

How RC Works

Basic RC Theory…and I Mean REALLY Basic! Introduction OK, right off the bat, this isn’t going to be an in depth annotated scholarly study of radio control theory and practices. There are many sites out there that will help you … Continue reading

Open Source Basics

Open Source Basics The concept of open source coding has been around since the beginning of the computer age. It’s pretty simple. A program developer comes up with an idea and gets it to work on a computer. He/she then … Continue reading