2.2.05 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Dual Rates (D/R) and Expo (Exponential) setup by Painless360 May 2015 (#5 of 13)

In this video he covers the following topics – duplicating an input, editing an input to change the rates, adding exponential, selecting the dual rates using a switch and how to do all this through either the OpenTX Companion PC … Continue reading


1.03 “OpenTX 2.0 & Beyond – Episode 3 – Examining the Throttle Mix (and Curves)” (October 2014) R.Scott Page

Tags: Mix, Curve, Throttle, Elevator, Exponential, Expo, Offset

In this 11:43 minute video Scott discusses the throttle mix to offset aircraft climbing with

increased speed. This is also the same approach to adding rudder movement

coordinated with ailerons or down elevator with flap extension. Curves are also

reviewed as an alternative to Offset in setting up the mix and for use in setting Expo.


1.1.05 Welcome to Taranis, Part 5: Dual Rates and Expo

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 5: Dual Rates and Expo” (March 2014) Mark Harrison

Tags: Dual rates, Exponential

This 4:34 minute video is the 5th in Mark’s series to get you up to speed with the Taranis as soon as possible.  Marks demonstrates setting dual rates and exponential utilizing the transmitter.

Video Contents

Model menu 5
Dual Rates

  • Select a switch, change the weight.
  • Use “add after” to add a second weight.
  • Select a second switch (or same switch, different position), and select a different weight.


  • Edit a stick, change the Exponential value
  • Normally, positive expo value is what you want (softens midpoint)
  • Can be combined with dual rate settings as per above.


Basics of Curves and Tricks with Mixes in C9X for Taranis

“Basics of Curves and Tricks with Mixes in C9X for Taranis” (Oct 21, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Curves, Throttle Cut, Exponential

Index of video topics:
00:05 – 02:33 Power of curves using Taranis (actually C9X simulator of TX)
02:33 – 04:20 Creating throttle curve and throttle cut using C9X
04:20 – 05:50 Adding exponential within the curve
05:50 – 07:10 Creating multiple curves and assigning them to a switch
07:10 – 08:54 Creating curve for helicopter hovering with symmetrical curve
08:55 – 10:10 Creating an elevator curve
10:11 – 11:50 Creating additional elevator curves and using in mixes
11:51 – 12:27 Custom curves
12:28 – 13:05 Symmetrical curves


Companion 9X Configuration Wizard

“Companion 9X Configuration Wizard” (April 2013) by Scott Page

Using Companion 9X configuration wizard, setting rates and expo. With examples of a glider and flying wing.

Tags: Glider, Flying wing, rate, exponential, wizard

Index of video topics:
02:00 – 02:20 Opening Configuration wizard under model Templates
02:20 – 03:01 Making selections in the wizard
03:01 – 03:40 Modifying channels
03:40 – 05:30 Setting rates and exponential
05:30 – 06:10 Simulating settings
06:10 – 07:50 Creating a detailed glider with the wizard
07:50 – 09:15 Creating a flying wing

[weaver_youtube http://youtu.be/uSGzSf9jelg?list=UU-A2sf9a_BDbKs81HuU7p4w]


Programming Taranis with C9X for Simple Mix, Rates, and Expo

“Programming Taranis with C9X for Simple Mix, Rates, and Expo” (Oct 4, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Model Wizard, Mix, Expo, Exponential

Index of video topics:
00:00 – 00:35 Outline for video
00:35 – 01:22 Finding C9X online; installation
01:22 – 02:20 Download EEPROM from TX to C9X on computer
02:20 – 03:52 Create new model & select RX
03:53 – 05:20 Set up model using Model Wizard
05:21 – 05:42 Mixes
05:43 – 07:57 Set rates/expo (Sticks tab formerly EXPO/DR)
07:58 – 08:30 Test settings using simulator
08:31 – 10:00 Setting throttle-elevator mix example