Setting Up Telemetry and Alerts on Taranis X8R

“Setting Up Telemetry and Alerts on Taranis X8R” (June 2014) by thedoble

Tags: Telemetry, Alerts, Custom Switch, Variometer, Voltage sensor

In this 12:23 minute video thedoble demonstrates how to check that your telemetry is working and how to set up alerts such as battery voltage, transmitter signal strength (RSSI) and altitude.


1.1.08b Welcome to Taranis, Part 8b: Audio Telemetry Warnings

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 8b: Audio Telemetry Warnings” (March 2014) by Mark Harrison

Tags: Audio, telemetry, custom switch, custom function

This 8:48 minute video is part B of the 8th in Mark’s series to get you up to speed with the Taranis as soon as possible. In the video Mark demonstrates how to use custome switches and custom functions to set up audio telemetry warnings with low voltage as an example.


FrSKY Taranis – Rates, Mixes and a little bit of pixel dust

“FrSKY Taranis – Rates, Mixes and a little bit of pixel dust” (Oct 10, 2013) by Scott Page

Using Companion 9X

Tags: Custom Functions, Custom Switches, Telemetry, Template, Curve, Pots

00:15 – 01:30 Setting up Templates.eepe with Custom Functions, Custom Switches and Telemetry for easy use in multiple models
01:30 – 01:35 Copying model from template.eepe
01:35 – 02:10 Modifying template model for specific new models and setting preferences
02:10 – 02:35 Telemetry setup in template
02:35 – 03:15 Custom functions setup in template
03:15 – 04:35 Custom switches – combinations
04:35 – 05:15 Custom curves in template
05:15 – 06-10 Using simple 4 channel model template with Custom items already in new model
06:10 – 08:25 Setting rates and exponential
08:25 – 09:13 Custom functions, Global variable – alternate approach to setting rates/expo
09:13 – 13:50 Adjusting settings for full use of pots S1 and S2 in Mixes with Weights and Offsets.