1.1.05 Welcome to Taranis, Part 5: Dual Rates and Expo

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 5: Dual Rates and Expo” (March 2014) Mark Harrison

Tags: Dual rates, Exponential

This 4:34 minute video is the 5th in Mark’s series to get you up to speed with the Taranis as soon as possible.  Marks demonstrates setting dual rates and exponential utilizing the transmitter.

Video Contents

Model menu 5
Dual Rates

  • Select a switch, change the weight.
  • Use “add after” to add a second weight.
  • Select a second switch (or same switch, different position), and select a different weight.


  • Edit a stick, change the Exponential value
  • Normally, positive expo value is what you want (softens midpoint)
  • Can be combined with dual rate settings as per above.

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