1.1.03 Welcome to Taranis, Part 3 Binding a D Series Receiver

“Welcome to Taranis, Part 3 Binding a D Series Receiver” (March 12, 2014) by Mark Harrison

Tags: Binding, D series receivers

This 1:07 minute video is the third in Mark’s series to get you up to speed with Taranis as soon as possible.  Published when Companion 9X in use.  He demonstrates binding the D series receivers to the Taranis.

Video Contents:

  • Note polarity on receiver
  • Remove or disable props
  • On RX power on while pressing failsafe/bind button
  • On TX go to model setup screen
  • Select mode D8, channel range CH1-8
  • Select bind, hear beep
  • Disconnect and reconnect power to RX
  • TX/RX bound, controls should be operational


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