v2.2 Resources

Below are a few resources for OpenTX v2.2+. As always, users are cautioned that any responsibility for the use of any software downloaded and installed is the sole responsibility of the user, not the firmware developers or the operators of this site.

V2.2 Resources

  1. OpenTX v2.2 News and latest downloads, including nightly builds: http://www.open-tx.org/ Read this before doing anything else!
  2. Amber Sound pack for v2.2: http://hmvc.eu/Amber22.rar Note: This is a .rar file type. Use a RAR unpack utility such as WinRar to access it in Windows once it’s downloaded.
  3. Flashing Instructions for OpenTX and FrTX: Flashing OpenTX and FrTXNOTE: These procedures are for production units only and should not be attempted on beta test units that have not been upgraded to production status!
  4. A new RC Group Forum on the Horus: FrSky Horus X12S-A new beginning
  5. Creating Transparent Images for the Horus: Horus Images

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