v2.1 Resources


Just Added:  X9D/X9DP FrSky Quick Start Guides

a. OpenTX Downloads page: http://www.open-tx.org/downloads.html

b.   v2.1 Users Forum and Flashing v2.1: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2451551

c.  Another new v2.1 forum, this one from RcForums: OpenTX v2.1 Released!

d. v2.1 Release notes:  https://github.com/opentx/opentx/releases (linking here is the most up to date changelog)

e.  Mike Sellim’s link describing changes in v2.1: http://rc-soar.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/opentx-21-preview.html

f.  v2.1 Companion Changes (Available in v2.1 Companion: Help –> Companion Changes): v2.1 Companion Changesg. v2.1 Release notes:  https://github.com/opentx/opentx/releases (linking here is the most up to date changelog)

h. v2.1 links, including nightly builds: OpenTX Links

j.  Amber sound pack as re-named by Chris Hogan:  Amber v2.1 Sounds

k. OpenTX vv2.1 and Taranis Documentation by thebriars0: OpenTX v2.1 and Taranis Documentation



v2.1 Resources — 32 Comments

  1. HELP.
    It has properly been answered several times already, but I could not find it.
    -I’m a total newbie with the Taranis.

    Question; what do i need to do to “down/upgrade” my Taranis Plus (EU version), to a international version?.

    -I have flashed the radio with the latest firmware (only the firmware), and the RX’s, but I can not get it to work (bind), I have a feeling that I need to do something more to get it to work (is there some left over EU-stuff that is not flashed?).

    -oddly my X8R’s and the X4R Rx’s does not look like they will enter bind mode, after I flash the newest firmware on to them.

    • I’m far from an expert on this. Living in the USA, I use Mode 2 of the FAA firmware. However, my understanding is that if your hardware was purchased in Europe and came with the LBT software on it, it will not work with the FAA version. Other than that, you’ll have to check with someone more knowledgeable than me. 🙂

      Leonard (mac44mag)

    • I use a rate of either 22 or 36K in Audacity. It’s been so long that both numbers are approximate guesses. When you get into Audacity, you’ll find the ones that are close. When you’re ready, Export the files in .wav format.

      You can also use Windows Media Player to switch from the native Acapela format to .wav. Google it, and you’ll find what you need.

      Hope this helps!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

  2. Running windows 10, running taranis bootloader ver. 2.1.7 and Companion 2.1. Windows no longer sees my Taranis device. I can see the device in the device manager when I connect my tx, but the drive doesn’t show up in file explorer.

  3. New to all this I received my TARANIS x9d Saturday ( today being Sunday ( I think)).

    After managing to locate a USB connector and getting open tx companion running I am starting to get to grips with setting this beast up.

    However my wife is reduced to pushing food and drink to me with a long stick and the cat is in hiding!!

    any advice please.

    • Welcome to the asylum!

      Advice #1: Put the Glenmorangie distillary on speed dial: (+44 (0)1862 892 477), and arrange for weekly delivery from Guiness.
      Advice #2: Throw everything you ever knew about setting up a major brand TX, open your mind, and realize that all you need to do is to ask yourself three questions: 1) What do I want to do?, 2) When do I want to do it, 3) What do I want to do it to?
      Advice #3: Check out any of the forums on RC Groups. Personally, I like the “FrSky Taranis 16 Channel” forum and the FrSky Taranis “How To” threads. They’re massive, and somewhat intimidating at first, but most of the heavy hitters hang out in at least one of them. And, they’re ready and willing to help a new convert.

      Hope this helps!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

  4. So I hope this is the right place to ask my questions:). I am a new owner of a Taranis 9Xe and I have installed Companion on my Macbook Air. Wayne at Aloft hobbies suggested I download the latest version of Open Tx to insure compatibility with the latest version of Companion. Currently my radio has 2.1.3 on it. So a couple of questions:
    1. Do I need to install 2.1.6 which I think is the most recent version in order to have full compatibility with the 2.x version of companion I have? My concern is that I want to have exactly the same functionality on my radio that I program into Companion once I download it onto the radio.
    2. I read on this site about the Developer’s version vs. the FrSky version. The upside is if “you want to make use of all the bells and whistles.” I’m not sure how many bells and whistles I will make use of, but I do want the compatibility with Companioin that I asked about in my first question. So the second question is, “Is there any downside to going with the Developer’s Version?” Why wouldn’t I do it?
    3. Thanks for the glossary- it was a big help. I’m still not quite sure about some of the abbreviations in the list of possible inputs in the inputs and mixers screens. Is there a list of these somewhere?
    4. I haven’t searched this site for it yet, but I am planning on running several sensors including a vario and the gps sensor in one of my powered gliders. Where can I access the information about the specifics of filling in the telemetry info needed for these and other sensors? I’m not familiar in general with, for example, GPS coordinates and how they are annotated.
    5. Is there any info yet on the top color screen and its operations on the 9Xe?

    Thanks a whole lot! This is fun challenge to learn something new like this and take my flying to another level!


    • Hi, D.! Welcome to the family! I’ll take a stab at a couple of your questions.

      A. The version of OpenTX that you run depends entirely on your preference. True, the latest versions have more functions and options, but on the other hand, may (and I repeat MAY) have a higher chance of bugs or inconsistencies. Personally, I’m running v2.1.6 on my both my”development” TX and the one that I fly with. I have not run into any problems with it that cannot be chalked up to either user error or lack of user understanding. But, that’s just the way that I do things with OpenTX. Having said that, I didn’t update my flying TX until I’d played extensively with my development TX both with Companion and with various airplanes on the bench.

      B. Developers vs. FrSky…sounds as if you’re well beyond that bridge. If you’re going to use Companion, you’re going to use the Developer’s version. Which version isn’t nearly as important as making sure that the version you have is the same on both your TX and your computer. If you don’t, and the computer version is newer than the one on your TX, there may be either new features or features that have been discontinued/changed that will mess you up. If the TX version is newer (highly unlikely), the same situation may occur. Most mismatches occur when Companion notifies you that a new version is available and you elect to download it. You then either decline to download the matching firmware version or download it and forget to install it. No, you may NOT ask my how I know that! 🙂

      C. Glossary: Thank you for the kind words. Several of the site guru’s put a lot of time and effort into it.

      D. Telemetry: This is one of the most misunderstood areas of OpenTX, and unfortunately, I’m not going to be of much help with you. When the versions changed from v2.1 to v.2, telemetry underwent a very extensive change. As a result, information is behind some of the rest of the firmware. There used to be a forum out there somewhere, but I did a quick search and couldn’t find it. I’ve been threatening for almost a year to put together a test plane to serve as a telemetry testing platform, but haven’t gotten it done. One of our major players at OTXU is reportedly working on a telemetry unit. Sorry, but that’s all I can tell you.

      Hope some of this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

      Take care!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

      • Thank you for your response Leonard! I have been traveling so I haven’t been back to this page for some time–and so the delayed response. I haven’t had a chance to implement too much yet and see if it actually works for me. But I do have another question or two.
        1. I understand from the glossary that an ! (exclamation point) before an input refers to the negative of that input. My question is why would I ever want to use !SAup when all I have to do is select SAdown to get the same effect? Why have the option of a double negative?
        2. I have sound files on my radio that I can set up in Custom Functions. However in Companion I can’t seem to access sound files. There are none there initially apparently, and I downloaded the sounds file for American english, but for some reason Companion isn’t locating it. I didn’t see anywhere in the setting where I could set the file path for sounds, though I did establish a folder for them on my computer when I downloaded them. What do you think I’m missing here? I was able to download the proper driver and my radio and companion are talking with each other. I have been able to download my first model set up from Companion to the transmitter. I have not tried anything with firmware yet and am pretty scared to do so because it’s working now and I don’t want to screw it up:).



        • Hi, Dave!

          A) Yes, the exclamation point is read as “not”, so you’re on track there. Remember, logic dictates only two states: Go/No-go, True/False, Yes/No, etc. The “not” function is used to exclude all other conditions except when the desired condition exists. For instance, you can set your landing gear to drop ONLY when your launch mode is set, or, you can set your throttle to run ONLY when a logical switch that is dependent on two other conditions is true. This is sometimes referred to as a throttle safety.

          B) Try this:

          1. Make a complete copy of your SD card somewhere on your computer. For our purposes, let’s assume that you put it on the C: drive in a folder called COMPANION. The path, therefore, to your SD card would be C:\COMPANION/li>
          2. With Companion open, click: Settings -> Settings from the main screen menu bar to access the Settings window.
          3. In the “Other Settings” section, locate “SD Structure path”
          4. Browse to the SD card folder. DO NOT go into the folder. For instance, I have mine on my desktop, and the path indicated in Companion is: C:\mac\Desktoop\SD Card

          It’s fairly common for folks to want to go deeper than the card folder, but it won’t work.

          Hope this helps! Sorry for the delay. Life’s been happening a lot on this end lately.

          Leonard (mac44mag)

          • Hi Leonard,

            Thanks so much for the response. Honestly, I kept forgetting to check until today, because I hadn’t seen anything and life has gotten really busy on my end as well. One of the fun things about this OpenTx stuff is the community around it. So I appreciate your involvement and response.

            I’ll try what you suggest as soon as I can get at it. In the meantime, I’ve noticed that Companion 1.7 is out, so I think I’ll download it.

            BTW- have you heard or read anything about anyone coming up with ways to custom program the new color screen on the top of the X9E?


          • Hi, Dave!

            Re: Companion 1.7…Haven’t use it, myself, as I’ve jumped to v2+, but I know Bertrand Songis (prime developer of Companion) puts out outstanding work. From what I hear, if you’re talking about the v1.17 firmware, it’s getting good reviews.

            Leonard (mac44mag)

  5. I’ve been trying to find some place for help. I was getting everything ready for configuring my new quad. When I brought up Companion it wanted to update which I did. So when I looked into things I saw that 2.1.3 was available for my controller. So I downloaded it and installed it overwriting my Taranis firmware. That is when I discovered Amber to supply sound files that were removed from the Taranis Plus model. I deleted the sound files and installed the Amber 2.1 sound files. Ever since then I have lost all sound from my Taranis. I cannot say for sure if I had sound right after the upgrade. But I really want my sound back!!!

    • Hi, Michael!

      Couple more questions:

      A. Did you upgrade your firmware from the SD card? If so, how did you do that?

      B. What happens if you start the TX in Bootloader mode and connect it to your computer? Do you see two external drives in Windows File Explorer (TARANIS and a Removeable Drive)?

      Leonard (mac44mag)

      • 1 – I was running a 2.0.x version of OpenTX when I installed the 2.1.3 upgrade.
        2 – I did everything moving to the SD card, not the transmitter itself.
        3 – First place I got the files from was on RCGroups.com. Further in the Amber thread was the 2.1 post. Then I got the files through the Companion download soundfiles page which just had Amber 2.1 System files not the other sound files so I merged that with the sound files themselves.
        4 – No. The announcement does not play at startup.

        No problem with backtracking. I posted a lot of data opening a bug on Github and got too quick on my post here. 🙂

        • HM…OK, that complicates things a bit. If you check the version number on the TX from the Main Screen, it says v2.1.3, right? Also, in the SOUNDS/en/system folder, you have a file named tada.wav, and you can play it directly from your card to your speakers/headphone, right?

          I’m pretty this is a compatibility thing, but I’m not sure what to do about it.


          One other thing you might do is to check the Wav and Bg settings on the TX itself by long pressing MENU on startup to get to “Radio Setup” mode, then using the “-” key to scroll down. I run mine dead center, and it seems to be fine.

          Leonard (mac44mag)

          • You’ve got it. Menu says 2.1.3. If I bring things up in Companion it plays the sounds without problems. I played with the volume settings but the radio does not indicate with way is louder and which is quieter so I set them in the middle to play it safe. I also made sure the setting for No Sound was unchecked.

            So if this is a ‘compatibility’ thing then how can the same hardware with the same version run the sounds but mine does not? I’m a software developer and this makes no sense. Is there another sound set I should pull down that will work?

          • OK, that seems to eliminate compatibility as an issue, although I’ve run into situations where the files would play on a computer and not on the TX. I really don’t think that it’s anything to do with your card, but just to check it out, do you know anyone with whom you might switch cards to see if his works in your TX, and your card in his? At least that might narrow it down to the TX. If a known working card doesn’t work, it pinpoints the TX. If it works, format your card and copy the working one onto yours and try it.

            One other thing you might try is to see if you can get your sounds back using the original sound pack from OpenTX Downloads (http://voices-21.open-tx.org/), Just be sure to download the correct pack for your TX. If that works, it would seem to pinpoint something in the sound pack itself, although I’m at a loss to say what.

            If it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to contact Wayne at Aloft Hobbies (https://alofthobbies.com/).

            Failing that, I’m running out of ideas. Have you haunted any of the forums? v2.1 and Beyond: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2178865&page=195 FrSky 16 Channel…: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1866206&pp=50&highlight=companion+9x&page=901

            Hang in there!

            Leonard (mac44mag)

  6. I dont know if this is the correct place for this post,but here goes.I have the new Taranis X9e.I also have a Taranis X9.I have upgraded Companion to version 2.1.When I connect my X9E,the Taranis displays Taranis bootloader 2.1.0 usb connected.

    My PC indicates USB not recognised,it may have malfunctioned. The Companion indicates that transmitter not found.

    I have tried different USB cables and ports.Is it realy likley that a brand new transmitter has a mechanical fault in the connection?

    • Just a guess, but have you checked to see if the DFU path is set correctly in Companion? (Check your Communications icon). I’m sure that you’re following the path of: 1) Open Companion, 2) Fire up TX in Bootloader mode, 3) connect TX.

      Another distinct possibility is that because the X9E uses FrSky’s version of OpenTX in what they’re calling a “V2”, Companion may not work and play well with it. In that case, you may have to upgrade to the developer’s version of OpenTX to get things to work.

      Just a guess, though.

      Leonard (mac44mag)

      • Two months on and I still cannot communicate with my PC or laptop.Both my X9D and X9E.I used to use my PC along with Companion to update my X9D.I now have a X9E in addition to the X9D,but both my PC and laptop are running on Windows 10.I cannot find the STM 32 bootloader,I have used Zadig,but to no avail.So two transmitters,two computers,one OS .I have downloaded the relevent issues of Companion to suit the two Taranis models. H E L P please

        • Hi, Barrie!

          Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Many of us have been there, perhaps not to your extent, but at least part way down the path.

          Two questions/suggestions, but first of all, don’t get upset if you’ve already tried these. I don’t mean to talk down to you at all.

          First of all, you said you upgraded your 9XD. How did you do it, and what version of the firmware did you update to?

          Secondly, when you start the TX in Bootloader mode (Hold both horizontal trim switches to the inside and turn on the power at the same time), then connect the TX to the computer, are you able to see two external volumes in Windows File Explorer (TARANIS and a Removeable Drive)?

          Finally, with Companion open and your TX connected in Bootloader mode, can you download the model profiles from the TX?

          Leonard (mac44mag)

          • Morning Leonard ,thanks for your reply.
            I uprgaded my 9XD to version 2.0.12 in October.The method used was via Companion and USB to my transmitter,ie stm32 bootloader,zadig etc.I have since downloaded the correct version of Companion for my 9XE,but cannot get anywere with trying to communicate to either of my transmitters on either my laptop or PC.Different USB ports and leads have been used.When I connect the TX in bootloader mode and then connect to the PC,nothing shows in Windows file explorer.I cannot load model profiles from the PC.

          • OK, that’s officially strange. Something’s happened, but I haven’t a clue. The good news is that since you’re having the same problem on two different model TX’s and on two different computers, a solution (when found) should fix everything. Honestly, I don’t know whether it’s hardware, software, or user (sorry, but in my own personal experience, that’s been the root of the problem WAY too many times. 🙂 )

            You might try downloading and reinstalling either v2.1.12 or v2.1.17 from the OpenTX Downloads site, although I don’t have a lot of hope that it will fix things. If you haven’ already done so, it might be time to take it to the Group: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?s=41ff621223cda22d6cbf1eb7911451e5&t=2451551&page=77 Folks there know a lot more about it than I do.

            Stay in touch. This one’s got me baffled, and I want to know what the solution turns out to be.

            Leonard (mac44mag)

          • Leonard,this reply is out of place,but problem solved,I had two faulty USB leads.What confused me was that both cables indicated that a usb device had been connected.Two TX,Two computers,Two USB cables,The new cable cost £3,the best £3 I have spent in the last 3 mpnths.

            Barrie B

          • Glad you sleuthed it out! It’s not the first time that’s happened. Another occasional trouble spot is some of the early USB3 chip sets.

            Leonard (mac44mag)

  7. Hi Group,
    I am new to OpenTX University as well as to RC in general.
    Thanks for this interesting and valuable resource!

    Just to be sure, can you confirm –
    I recently received my FrSky Taranis Plus.
    I noted that the FW Ver loaded on the Radio : opentx_x9dp_V2.0.9.2 / Date : 21014-10-28
    Is this the latest FW or which is latest working Version?
    I am in South Africa, so I don’t think the EU version is applicable here yet.

    I have downloaded and installed OpenTX Companion Ver 2.1
    Is this the latest working Ver ?

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Cape Town
    South Africa

    • Welcome, Gerhard! Glad to have you aboard.

      The firmware you currently have loaded is the FrSky version of OpenTX, what we call the “OEM” version. It is a very useable firmware, however, it’s never really the latest version of OpenTX. Many Taranis users replace it with what we call the “Developer’s” version. The current version of that firmware is v2.1 which was released only about 10 days ago. It’s a MAJOR upgrade from the previous v2.0.17. Whether or not to go with the developer’s version is entirely up to you. Folks fly very well with the OEM version, but if you want the bells and whistles, you’ll end up moving to the developer’s edition.

      When you installed Companion v2.1, you were given the option of downloading v2.1 firmware. If you did, you might already have what you need. In any case, check out the “V2.1 Resources” page, link ‘b’, for instructions on how to upgrade to v2.1. One caveat: You’re moving from the OEM to the developer’s version. He was simply upgrading an older developer’s version. I’ve never upgraded a later version OEM Taranis to the developer’s version, so I cannot swear that Companion will talk to it. I’d back up the radio in Companion before I started, just to be safe.

      If it works, please post back so that we have a confirmed upgrade path.

      Thanks, and once again, welcome!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

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