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New videos are constantly being published on the internet in various places by different authors about OpenTX, its Companion computer software, and the Taranis with its many optional accessories.  As the firmware advances in revision level and as new hardware is released by FrSky the number of videos grows rapidly.  We attempt to organize links to those videos here for your easy access, and one of the OTXU staff (TBolt65 on RCGroups) provides an invaluable description of what each video includes.

Videos dealing with hardware and firmware prior to the OpenTx major release update to 2.0 in June 2014 are grouped together in Group 1– TARANIS, OPENTX Firmware 2940 & COMPANION 9X version 1.52.  Equipment and firmware after that major release are grouped into Group 2 – Taranis Plus and OpenTX 2.0+While the earlier videos are specific to the firmware and hardware of that time, much of the information remains beneficial to all users of Taranis and OpenTX products.  Videos for future revisions and releases will be added in follow-on groups.

Within each major group, the videos are further collected into sections according to general content.  These collections will evolve as needs change:

1.  Introductory and Overview Series

2.  First Things to Do

3.  Preferences and Settings

4.  Receivers

5.  Basic Programming

6.  Telemetry

7.  Hardware Modifications

The following is a complete listing of all videos in the OTXU Library.  As videos for new releases of hardware and firmware become available, we will continue to try to arrange this important information for easy retrieval.  If you have suggestions about improving the presentation or to point out videos that should be added to the collection, please use the comment form below.

Group 1 Videos (Prior to OpenTX 2.0):  Taranis, OpenTX 2940 Firmware & COMPANION 9X version 1.52

Collection 1: Introductory and Overview Series

1.1.01 Welcome to Taranis, Part 1:  Out of the Box

1.1.02 Welcome to Taranis, Part 2: Binding an X-Series Receiver

1.1.03 Welcome to Taranis, Part 3: Binding a D-Series Receiver

1.1.04 Welcome to Taranis, Part 4: Mixing, the Heart of Taranis

1.1.05 Welcome to Taranis, Part 5: Dual Rates and Expo

1.1.06 Welcome to Taranis, Part 6: Setting Up a 4-Channel Plane

1.1.07 Welcome to Taranis, Part 7: Elevon Mixing

1.1.08a Welcome to Taranis, Part 8a: Basic Telemetry

1.1.08b Welcome to Taranis, Part 8b: Audio Telemetry Warnings

1.1.09 Welcome to Taranis, Part 9: Basic Speech

Collection 2: First Things to Do

1.2.01 Inside the FrSKY Taranis — a First Look

1.2.02 What to Do First When You Get Your FrSKY Taranis

1.2.03 Basics of Calibration on the Taranis

1.2.04 Flashing OpenTX to the  FrSKY Taranis

1.2.05 Problems Flashing OpenTX to the FrSKY Taranis

Collection 3: Preferences and Settings

1.3.01 FrSKY Taranis Preferences

1.3.02 FrSKY Taranis General Settings in the TX

1.3.03 EEPROM — Model Settings and General Setting Files Read/Write

Collection 4: Receivers

1.4.01 Binding a Variety of Receivers with the FrSKY Taranis

1.4.02 FrSKY Taranis and X8R receiver SBUS setup w/NAZA Flight Controller

1.4.03 How to Connect two X8Rs from one BEC

1.4.04 How to get 12 channels from 8XR receiver

1.4.05 How To Get 16 Channels from one 8XR and two SBUS Decoders

1.4.06 How to Bind Two 8XRs together to get 16 Channels

1.4.07 FrSKY Taranis: How to Set Up the SBUS decoder on 8XR to add 4 Extra              Channels for 12 Total

1.4.08 FrSKY X4R and X8R Telemetry Connections

Collection 5:  Programming with Taranis and Companion9X

1.5.01 Looking Over Companion TX

1.5.02 Open TX for Beginners – Sticks & Mixer

1.5.03 Open TX Taranis Input Source and Mix Settings for Delta Wing

1.5.04 Programming Taranis with C9X for Simple Mix, Rates, and Expo

1.5.05 Taranis 5 Ch with Rudder and Aileron Mix

1.5.06 Taranis with Companion TX Uploading Models

1.5.07 Download Calibrated Taranis Settings, Create New Model and Upload

1.5.08 Custom Functions – Some Meat and Potatoes

1.5.09 FrSKY Taranis Transmitter to set up 6ch model with extras

1.5.10 Basics of Curves and Tricks with Mixes in C9X for Taranis

1.5.11 Companion 9X Configuration Wizard

1.5.12 FrSKY Taranis can do most anything Hammerhead Solution

1.5.13 FrSKY Taranis Cross Trims, Servo Delays, Snap Roll & Copy/Paste

1.5.14 FrSKY Taranis – OpenTX – Guided Tour Flaperon Creation

1.5.15 Two More Examples of Flaperon Mixes

1.5.16 FrSKY Taranis – Rates, Mixes, and a little bit of pixel dust

1.5.17 How To setup the FrSKY Taranis for Quadcopters and Hexacopters

1.5.18 Taranis Audio Updated – Making Voice and Converting Music

1.5.19    “Installing Sound Files on the Taranis” by Mark Harrison (March 2015)

Collection 6:  Telemetry

1.6.01 Basic FrSKY Taranis Telemetry: A1/A2 Voltage and Telemetry Screens

1.6.02 FrSKY Vario Voice

1.6.03 Logging Telemetry and Transmitter Controls with FrSKY Taranis

1.6.04 Setting Up Telemetry and Alerts on Taranis X8R

1.6.05 Smart Port Sensors: LiPo-Current-Voltage-Vario

1.6.06 Varios (variometers) for RC gliders explained

1.6.07 “Taranis D-Series Telemetry Setup” by Mark Harrison (March 2015)

Collection 7:  Hardware Modifications

1.7.01 CPO Taranis How To: 1000uF Mod to Reduce Audio Buzz (Rev A)

1.7.02 FrSKY Taranis Gimbal Replacement Demonstration

1.7.03 How To Build LiPo Parallel Plugs

1.7.04 How to Install FrSKY Haptic Vibration X9D Taranis

1.7.05 Taranis Speaker Upgrade

1.7.06Taranis Battery Notes


Group 2 Videos (OpenTX 2.0 and After):  Taranis Plus and OpenTX 2.0+

Collection 1: Introductory and Overview Series

2.1.01 OpenTX 2.0 and Beyond Episode 1

2.1.02 OpenTX 2.0 and Beyond Episode 2

2.1.03 OpenTX 2.0 and Beyond Episode 3 – Examining Throttle Mix (and Curves)

2.1.04 OpenTX 2.0 and Beyond Episode 4 – Using the TX Wizard

2.1.05 OpenTX 2.0 and Beyond Episode 5 – Upgrading Taranis to OpenTX 2.0

 Collection 2: First Things to Do

2.2.01 FrSky TARANIS Radio – One way to update the firmware

2.2.02 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Introduction to TARANIS model setup basics 

2.2.03 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Adding extra channels and controls for a Multirotor

2.2.04 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Using OpenTX Companion and curves

2.2.05 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Dual Rates (D/R) and Expo (Exponential) setup

2.2.06 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Adding and using custom sound

2.2.07 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Creating a custom mix for Elevons (flying wing)

2.2.08 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Setting up and using the Trainer (Master/Slave) setup with a DX7

2.2.09 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Using Flight Modes and Global Variables

2.2.10 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Using an external RF module (DSM2, Specktrum, Orange)

2.2.11 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Adding a 6 position switch (S3) and setup for APM/PixHawk

Collection 3: Preferences and Settings

Collection 4: Receivers

Collection 5:  Programming with Taranis and Companion9X

2.5.01 Connect to OpenTX 2.0+; Read/Write EEPROMs

2.5.02 What is a Bootloader?

 Collection 6:  Telemetry

2.6.01 FLVS Voltage Sensor Hookup

2.6.02 FrSKY Variometer Sensor – Andrew Newton (02/27/2015)

2.6.03 FrSKY GPS Sensor – Andrew Newton (02/28/2015)

2.6.04 FrSKY 40A Current Sensor – Andrew Newton (03/01/2015)

2.6.05 FrSKY LiPO Voltage Sensor – Andrew Newton (03/02/2015)

2.6.06 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Introduction to Telemetry and alarms

2.6.07 FrSky TARANIS/Naze32 Telemetry – Simple setup using a D4R-II receiver

       Collection 7:  Hardware Modifications

2.7.01 Taranis Plus LCD Replacement by Andrew Newton (January 2015)


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