A function used in Logical Switches that compares selectable source “a” to a second selectable source “b” using ‘Less Than’ as the comparator.  The function takes the value of TRUE when the first source is smaller than the second and FALSE when the first is greater than or equal to the second.  Two fields labeled V1 and V2 follow the function statement to define source “a” and source “b”.  For example if ‘Ail’ is selected from the drop down choice list in the V1 field, and ‘Rud’ is set in the V2 field, the logical switch containing a>x will become “TRUE” when the rudder stick is lower than the aileron sticks.  Any other positions will result in the Logical Switch containing this function to be FALSE.

A fourth field in the logical switch line permits a second source to become part of the comparison evaluation using the logical AND conjunction.  Continuing the prior example, if SG↓ is selected in the AND field, then the logical switch becomes TRUE only when the Aileron stick is lower than the Rudder Stick AND physical switch G is in the down position.

A 5th and 6th field in the logical switch line allow a duration and a delay to be imposed on the switch condition .

See also related functions

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