FrSky Taranis with OpenTX 2.0 and beyond

RCGrooups: FrSky Taranis with OpenTX 2.0 and beyond


This thread is for the purpose of discussing the use of OpenTx 2.0 on the FrSky Taranis. This thread is only for asking and answering questions about FrSky Taranis with OpenTX 2.0 (or beyond) or for posting neat ideas you have with the use of OpenTx 2.0.

  • It’s not for hardware issues or mods – except as they pertain to the Firmware OpenTX 2.0 (and beyond).
  • It’s not for comparing with other brands.
  • It’s not for users who don’t want to update their software to the most recent stable version.

Let’s be civil and have a great time learning about this revolutionary new Firmware. Especially good explanatory posts or ideas will be included in the second post below. Users who go to great lengths to help others will be recognized in the Hall of Fame.

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