FrSky Taranis Cross Trims, Servo Delays, Snap Roll & Copy/Paste

“FrSky Taranis Cross Trims, Servo Delays, Snap Roll & Copy/Paste” (Oct 23, 2013) by Scott Page

Tags: Cross trims, Replace, Sync, Copying Settings

Assigning trim function to different trim tabs – cross trimming. Changing settings temporarily with a momentary switch. Copying specific settings.

Index of video topics:
00:20 – 01:25 Bringing field adjustments in to C9X models
01:25 – 02:00 Cross trimming: trimming rudder with aileron trim
02:00 – 02:10 Cross trimming: trimming aileron with rudder or throttle
02:12 – 03:30 Replace feature: when momentary switch activated to change settings temporarily
03:30 – 04:00 Syncing EEPROM model settings from TX to computer
04:00 – 05:15 Copying specific settings from one model into another
05:15 – 06:30 Copying custom functions – Vario and throttle examples

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