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Welcome to OpenTXU

Welcome to OpenTX University. This site is part of an (overly?) ambitious project to provide an online learning environment to help you explore the brave new world of what we call the Developer’s Version of OpenTX.  We call it the Developer’s Version because it’s slightly different from the OEM version shipped by FrSky on the Taranis and Taranis Plus transmitters.  They’re similar, but not exactly the same. Don’t worry if you’re a newcomer (affectionately known as a NOOB). Don’t worry if you don’t even know what open source, OpenTX, or OpenTX Companion are. We’ll take care of that shortly.

scott_quotewThe site is organized along the lines of a university with Undergraduate and Graduate programs as well as a Division of Continuing Education to handle both software and hardware upgrades. We even have a “Special Interests” section for any groups with common interests who need a place to hang out.

Each section contains “classes” that have been designed and contributed by users just like you. However, it’s different from other “schools” in that you don’t have to register, there are no fees, no grades, and no class attendance requirements. Ya’ can’t beat that with a stick!

What do you need to get around here? Well, you should probably at least know where the switch is on your computer, and it’s really handy to be familiar with your computer’s file system structure and basic operations such as downloading, installing, copying files, etc. If you know how to do that, you’ll be fine.

You’ll be shown how to do 90% of what many of us need to do by using only the transmitter. However, many (May I say ‘most?) users have discovered an absolutely marvelous little piece of free software called OpenTX Companion. OpenTX Companion allows you to manage almost all of your radio functions from your computer. That’s when things really get interesting! It’s the other half of this game changing experience, and has its own series of classes.

OK, enough chit-chat. Let’s get started. Click one of the buttons in the menu at the top of the page and start browsing through what’s offered. The whole idea is for you to take away from here what you can use and ignore the rest!


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  1. I would just like to say thank you to all the contributors and admins of this website. I will probably never make comments or ask questions here but this is because your site has all the answers anyone could want. Happy holidays and an excellent new year. Fly well, have fun and may your CG always be centred. 🙂

    • Arjan,

      Your comments are greatly appreciated. We’re in the process of redesigning and updating some things, so stay tuned. Absolutely NO promises as to time lines, though! 🙂

      Leonard (mac44mag)

  2. hello sir: i up graded my taranis from 2.0.15 to 2.1.16 and when i hooked up to MP i can’t calibrate the radio using a pixhawk i programmed a switch using the transmitter for a video switcher and it recognized that but nothing else any thoughts or help please thanks R.K

    • Hi, ksped!

      I’m sorry, but I personally can’t be much help for you. I don’t fly flight controllers at all, so your problem is a long ways outside my wheelhouse. Anyone else out there have any advice or suggestions?

      Leonard (mac44mag)

  3. I recharged the battery.Do I get my diploma? I watched the green light so intently, after 2 hours I switched it off with the power of my mind ! and had a dislodged retina. I’ll be building tollgates on that bridge in no time 🙂

  4. Hi, I have recently purchased a Taranis Plus. I have programed my Gliderman into the transmitter and flew the plane successfully a number of times. I am very happy with the transmitter. I am however very frustrated with the workings of the altimeter voice set up. The vario works perfectly, but when I program the voice settings with the use of all the Youtube advice, instead of the audio saying feet it says milliamps. I have tried other settings but nothing works. I have also sought the advice of other people using the Taranis, but they also do not know what to do. Please help.


    • Hi, Bruce, and welcome aboard!

      Interesting question. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be of much help. I DIMLY recall something about an issue like that in one of the recent versions of OpenTX, but I can’t remember which one, or even if it was this particular issue. As I recall, there was one or more units being incorrectly identified, but I certainly wouldn’t take that to the bank.

      Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help. When you find an answer, please reply to this so that the rest of the world knows what was going on.

      Take care!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

    • From memory, changing from 2.0x to 2.1x requires downloading the new set of SOUND files so that the units are spoken correctly. The lovely lady was saying miles per hour instead of milliamp-hours for me.

  5. As a right handed dlg flyer it was nescessary to swop Taranis plus switches SF and SH so SF is now the 2pos spring return. I would like to know please if there is a setting in Companion simulator to also swop the simulated functions?

    • Hi, Martin!

      Hm…not that I’m aware of, but, then again, I haven’t switched them….yet.

      Please post here and let us know if you figure it out.


    • into the taranis menu : radio setup (long press menu) > page down to hardware > scroll down (-) to SF > enter > (+) > enter > change to “toggle”; and likewise with SH to change it to “2 POS”

      you will need to change the alarm settings too, will update the way to do so when i remember where i did it 😉

  6. Hi total noob here, had my Taranis for nearly 2 years and am yet to ubdate the software. I have watched the painless 360 videos and thought hey that looks easy. went ahead and followwed them it was only at the last minute that i realised i was about to use the Taranis plus version.
    I went back to open TX but i am now confused as to what i need to download.
    I’m sure this has been asked 100 times before but could someone please show me or send me a link as to what i need for the original Taranis.
    Thanks in advance.

    • OK now i’m in a major panic. i have updated my taranis firmware after getting some advice. all seems to be ok the taranis boots up succesfully and even my custom splash screen looks great. But and its a big BUT when i try to bring my models back from the SD card i cet an error message saying they are incompatable please tell me i can restore them.

      • Hi, Martin!

        Sorry for the delay. Been snowed under….literally!

        That message is to be expected when changing to v2.1.4 or v2.1.6 from an earlier version. The newer versions use a slightly different format for the model storage and must be converted to the new version. Just plug on through it, and all should be OK. Did you make a backup copy of your EEPE data before you updated your firmware? If so, download the “new” EEPE (no models) from your TX, open the “old” EEPE in Companion, and drag the models from the old file to the new one to copy them. That should do it.


    • Welcome, Steve!

      Relax and take a deep breath. Confusion is the elixir of life around here!

      First of all, I’m going to assume that you’re talking about updating to OpenTX. OK?

      If you start Companion, then go Settings –> Settings from the main menu, you’ll see a drop down box for “Radio Type.” This is where you tell Companion to download the correct version of firmware for your particular radio as well as set up any options, inclusions, or exclusions you might wish to configure. When you click it, you’ll see the various platforms available.

      In general, if you have a Turnigy radio, use one of the X9R versions of firmware, depending upon your radio. If you purchased recently from Hobby King, your radio will be the X9R-Pro. If you have a FrSky radio, you have basically three choices: FrSky Taranis, FrSky Taranis Plus, and FrSky X9E. The “Taranis” was the original model, and it hasn’t been sold in at least a couple of years. The “Plus” is the standard model currently offered by Aloft and others. The X9E is their tray model radio, and if you’ve got one, you’ll know it! It’s square and has switched sticking out all over it.

      Set the firmware you want in Companion and click “OK” to select it and close the window. In the main menu, click the Down Arrow (6th icon over on v2.1.7), then select “Download FW”. Tell your computer where to stick it, and you’ll get the needed firmware. Flash it normally, making sure that you find the file you just downloaded.

      Hope that helps!

      Leonard (mac44mag)

  7. Not sure where the best place to post this is?

    ….I’ve finally reached the point of frustration to admit I need help! I cannot get OpenTX Companion to recognize or connect to my radio (Taranis Plus) after working with it the last three nights….I know I had it working a few months ago when I first got the radio as I updated to 2.0.17 firmware. Now when I try to connect, the computer seems to show it is connected (the FrSky bootloader shows up), but no file folders and OpenTX returns error message that radio not connected? I’m sure there is more information that I should be sharing that might be helpful in solving the problem, so please just let me know what additional info I can provide!?!?

    Any suggestions you (or anyone) might have would be greatly appreciated!

    • Are you working through Companion?

      When you say that the bootloader shows, do you mean in Windows Device Manager? If not, where do you see it?

      Leonard (mac44mag)

      • Thanks for the reply Leonard!

        Yes I’m working through Companion (or at least trying!)…and I do see the bootloader showing under USB Devices in Device Manager (FrSky Taranis Bootloader)….seems like the radio is connecting to the computer, but Companion isn’t recognizing that it is connected?

        • It’s been a long day, and I may not be thinking straight, but when you connect to the computer, you’re turning the TX on in bootloader mode first, then connecting it, right?

          My apologies if this sounds like a stupid question.

          Leonard (mac44mag)

          • Ha! ….I understand the long day/not thinking straight! Beginning to think that is my problem with this OpenTX Companion!

            Yep, I do the three finger trims to the inside and then turn on before connecting the USB — and then get a message on the screen that USB is connected,

          • OK, that’s good. When you get that, can you get to File Explorer and see two additional drives on your computer: TARANIS and one other (Removable drive X)?


          • Unfortunately, that’s where the problems seem to start as I am unable to see any additional drives under File Explorer once the USB is connected?

          • You might try: A) A different USB cable, and/or B) A different USB plug. I know that both have been the cause of problems for some in the past.


          • Leonard, just wanted to report that after three different cables tried in 5 different USB ports/plugs I still wasn’t able to connect…I finally gave up…thanks anyway for trying to help

          • Don’t give up on us yet! Let me think it for a bit more. I must admit that I’m am, at this point at least, totally flummoxed by the situation. It normally isn’t this hard.


          • Appreciate your persistent in trying to find an answer Leonard….I know it’s frustrated me to no end — seems it shouldn’t be that hard!?!?

            …and I’m going to have to figure it out if I’m ever going to upgrade firmware, etc. Work with it some more today, with same results….

  8. Having an issue with my taranis- I purchased Phoenix 4 Flight Sim. and cannot get the two to work together,Phoenix isn’t recognising the Tx. I have purchased various plugs,leads,and dongles but cannot get it it to go.
    Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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