2.6.06 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Introduction to Telemetry and alarms by Painless360 June 2015 (#8 of 13)

In this video he covers the following key topics – telemetry on a D4R-ii receiver, Smart Port Telemetry on a X8R receiver, how to configure on the radio, how to setup alarms, how to save data to the SD card and how to review it using OpenTX companion or a spreadsheet program.

To view the video that shows how to add custom sounds to the radio watchhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU-w9…

– Introduction (0:02)
– What telemetry is and how it works (3:37)
– The two types of telemetry connection on the receivers (4:52)
– How to add SmartPort sensors to the X8R (9:44)
– How to configure Telemetry on the radio (13:12)
– How to setup alarms on the Taranis (18:40)
– How to setup saving telemetry data to the SD card (21:25)
– How to review the saves ED card logs on the computer (23:46)
– Summary (25:32)

Tags: Telemetry, Alarms, D4R, X8R, Smart Port, Painless360

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