2.6.05 FrSKY LiPO Voltage Sensor – Andrew Newton (03/02/2015)

In this 2:52 minute video Andrew demonstrates how this sensor enables telemetry for total battery voltage and individual cell voltages. It is small and lightweight with a high quality screen for normal battery checking. Setup is shown using the Taranis Plus transmitter for spoken voltage values and on-screen display.

Note: Video shows values being repeated with a Special Function.  You can also set up a Logical Switch to use in conjunction with the Special Function so that values are spoken only when the value goes below or exceeds the value you set in the Logical Switch.  Log information will contain all data.

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2.6.05 FrSKY LiPO Voltage Sensor – Andrew Newton (03/02/2015) — 4 Comments

  1. another question, I want to monitor two lipo packs of the electric motor, so far I was only able to monitor one, how would you monitor two? Thanks for your help

  2. Thank you for posting this, it really helped, but I have a question relating to telemetry also but not voltage. I am trying to find a way to have an indication when my retract gear is up and when its down, but not on the transmitter switch because this only tells me I did activate the retract but doesn’t not tell if it is indeed up or down.
    Thank you

    • What you can do is use one of the many telemetry modules to monitor a switch for a voltage. Then setup the switch to open/close based on actual gear position. This is how full size aircraft reflect down and locked. We’ll just us a telemetry module to monitor the state and send it back to the TX which we can then trigger an alarm or voice alert on.

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