2.6.03 FrSKY GPS Sensor – Andrew Newton (02/28/2015)

In this 3:48 minute video Andrew demonstrates how to connect and setup the FrSKY GPS sensor for Taranis running OpenTX 2.0. Spoken GPS altitude, speed and distance. Latitude and Longitude on telemetry screen 3. Viewing GPS logs in OpenTX companion.
Note: GPS distance values are the actual distance from launch to the model in the sky. Measured distance in Google Earth is the distance along the ground, not including vertical distance.

Note: Video shows GPS values being spoken every 10 seconds with a Special Function.  You can also set up a Logical Switch to use in conjunction with the Special Function so that values are spoken only when the value exceeds the value you set in the Logical Switch.  The Log does not record Distance information – that is available only on the TX screen and by spoken values.

Tags: Sensor, GPS, Google Earth

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