2.2.09 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Using Flight Modes and Global Variables (GV/GVR) by Painless360 June 2015 (#11 of 13)

In this video he covers the following key topics – using flight modes to display mode and text information on the display, using flight modes to have different trims for each mode and using flight modes to have Global Variables that change as you change flight modes (useful for Dual Rates, Expo, offsets and anywhere else you can use a GV.

– Introduction (0:02)
– What using flight modes give you (1:50)
– Accessing flight modes on the TARANIS (3:18)
– Changing the flight mode names in OpenTX Companion (3:56)
– Using flight modes to set trim changes (7:15)
– Using flight mode to setup Global Variables (9:56)
– Using GV in the menus (11:40)
– Summary (12:36)

Tags: Global variables, Flight Modes, Painless360

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