2.2.04 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Using OpenTX Companion and curves by Painless360 May, 2015 (#4 of 13)

In this video he continues from the other videos in the series (uploading firmware, creating a basic model, adding extra channels manually) and now using the PC application OpenTX Companion used in the first video to upload the firmware to create and edit models and explore what curves are and how they work.

In this video he covers the following key topics – using OpenTx to modify the model settings, using OpenTx to create a new model, using OpenTx to change the radio settings, editing curves, using curves in a model setup.

– Introduction (0:02)
– How to access the models on the radio (1:03)
– Quick tour of the main tabs in the model setup screens (1:30)
– How to edit the models in OpenTX (3:09)
– How to edit curves (4:00)
– How to use curves to modify a control – Throttle (6:33)
– Using the radio simulator to test the mixes (7:55)
– Using OpenTX when not connected to the TARANIS (9:52)
– Using OpenTX to edit the main radio settings (11:09)
– Summary (12:04)

Tags: OpenTX, Companion, Editing, Painless360

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