2.2.03 FrSky TARANIS Radio – Adding extra channels and controls for a Multirotor, by Painless360 May 2015 (#3 of 13)

In this video he continues from the second video in the series, this time add two extra channels to the basic Multirotor/Quadcopter model created by the Wizard. He adds one to control the flight modes and another to operate a buzzer.

In this video he covers the following key topics – creating a new Input, creating a new output channel using the Mixer, adjusting the direction of the channel and using endpoint adjustment.

– Introduction (0:02)
– Connecting the FrSky D4r-II using PPM (2:39)
– Using the Wizard to make the basic model (4:01)
– Adding two extra channels to the model (5:55)
– Looking at the model using Openpilot/CC3D (10:50)
– Channel reversing (13:13)
– Adjusting travel/endpoints (15:30)
– Summary (18:10)

Tags: Channels, Multirotor, Wizard, Mixer, Painless360

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