2.2.01 FrSky TARANIS Radio – One way to update the firmware by Painless360 May 2015 (#1 of 13)

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In this first video in the Taranis video we update the firmware to the latest version using a PC and a USB cable. To do this you need two pieces of software:

The OpenTX Companion (windows GUI for the radio) and Zadig USB driver. Both can be downloaded from http://www.open-tx.org/downloads.html

– Introduction (0:02)
– Useful locations on the web (1:07)
– Downloading the software (1:48)
– Preparing the radio (3:10)
– What ‘DFU Capable USB device… Cannot open device’ means (3:57)
– Installing the USB driver (4:27)
– What ‘New firmware is not compatible with the one currently installed’ means (5:35)
– Configuring the radio type in OpenTX Companion (5:56)
– Flashing the firmware (6:36)
– Summary (7:12)
– Demo of the radio with the new firmware


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